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Random Number Generator

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a software used in all online casinos to provide a random result of the game. The cards that are dealt in Blackjack are not dealt physically nor are the spinning of roulette wheels, the spinning of reels in slot machine games and also the rolling of dice in craps. All actions are done using the software of RNG. The number is generated in such a way that it cannot be predicted by anyone even the developer of the game, hence assuring 100 % fairness to the games.

The RNG is activated as soon as the player presses the Deal or Spin button. It produces a random number which is linked to the particular game. For example, if you are playing blackjack, the random number can be linked to the jack of spades. The software then converts the number into the image of dealing the jack of spades.

The RNG is based on mathematical equations called the algorithms. Of course if the process of generating numbers was done manually, each game would take up days to complete. The high technology of computers and its fast speed allow the events to happen within seconds. The algorithms that the software is using go through a thorough testing by agencies which are expert in online casinos. The tests are now a requirement by the agencies for an authorized license to the online casinos.  The testing phase confirms to the agencies that the numbers that are generated by the software is truly random and cannot manipulate the results.

The main two objectives of the RNG are that there should be no pattern by which it can be even remotely possible to predict the results of the game. Past game results should have no impact on the next one. The second objective is that the chances of all events are equally distributed. For example, each card that is shuffled should have equal chances of being dealt. All probabilities of RNG are checked and it is run for tens of thousands of outcomes to ensure fairness.

If the player is playing at a European roulette, then the RNG will give a number that is between 1 and 37.  The random number 1 will be linked to the number 1 on the wheel and 37 will be linked to number 0. The RNG arranges the numbers from 1 to 416 in an 8 deck blackjack. In a game of craps, the RNG would give two numbers from 1 to 6 for the two dice that are rolled.

In a game of craps, the RNG would give two numbers from 1 to 6 for the two dice that are rolled.

All online casino software’s including the RNG are tested and approved by authorized agencies. They are regulated in such manner that neither the software provider nor the online casino services can rig the software’s. The online casino licensing agencies keeps check on the RNG and its software’s to assure safe and fair game for the players.