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Exclusive Free Casino Bonuses

Rank Gambling Site USA Players Bonus Match % Download
1 Rome Casino $10000 100%
2 Aladdin’s Gold $777 100%
3 Bodog Casino $10000 200%
4 Club USA Online $1000 10%  
5 Silver Oak $2000 100%
6 Win Palace Casino $5000 100%
7 Rushmore Casino $1000 100%

Play Free Bingo Games With Online Bingo Bonus

You’re a newbie to online bingo. You’ve been searching the internet trying to decide which room is the best room to start your online Bingo career. You see the term “Bingo Bonus” thrown around so much that it seems like everybody but you knows what it means. It’s no mystery.

Simply stated, a bingo bonus is an incentive offered by the website to get you to create an account. Usually you’ll have to click a special link to collect the casino bonus, or contact a customer service representative, or whatever the website asks. Your role in collecting the bonus doesn’t require great sacrifice on your part, outside of giving the website or personal or financial information. If you trust the website, then this is really no great sacrifice at all.

The bonus you get will vary from site to site. You’ll find offers for a no-deposit sign-up, where you don’t get any “free money” so to speak, but the minimum deposit you’re normally required to make won’t apply. Newbie minimum deposits may fall in the range of about $20.00. So instead of paying $20.00, you only pay $5.00.

Another common Bingo bonus is a percentage “match” of your deposit. For example, if you deposit $20.00 and the website you’re join will match 100% of your deposit, then your account starts off with $40.00 instead of just your initial $20.00. These bonus matches usually have a cap that the website will match up to – say $50.00 or $100.00, for example.

I’m sure you’re starting to get the picture how bonuses work, but here’s the key: these bonuses really do work in your favor if you shop around for really good ones. And really good ones are out there waiting for you to find them.

Bingo bonus deposit matching offers get pretty high – sometimes doubling or tripling your deposit. These offers get so high, as a matter of fact, that the offers appear too good to be true. Read the web site’s terms and conditions in these cases because you want to make sure that you’re dealing with a trustworthy Bingo website.

In addition to matching your deposit, or waiving it altogether, online Bingo websites may offer you a small cash payment that you can use as soon as you’ve created an account on their website. The payment probably isn’t going to be high, but it makes you eligible to play with real money right away, which in turn makes you eligible for winning real cash prizes right away without spending your own money. These types of offers are valuable, particularly to those who are on a strict budget, looking to get the feel of online bingo, or just want to win prizes with cash that belongs to someone else.

Another common incentive is an offer of free tickets. You’ll get a number of free tickets, sometimes as many as 50 or more, and again you are eligible to play without spending any of your own money. Other bonuses include raffles, cash-back incentives and daily chances at winning a progressive jackpots.

Players want to do two things when they play online Bingo for cash prizes:

1. They want to win (obviously).
2. They want to spend as little of their own money as possible to do so.

Well, instead trying to find the Magic Formula that guarantees winning every game you play, your best strategy to increase your chances of winning, without spending too much of your own money is by taking advantage of Bingo bonuses. It’s pretty simple. And if you love playing Bingo, you’ll take advantage of these bonuses and have lots of fun while you’re at it. What’s better than that?