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Online Bingo Tips For Winning Bingo Jackpot

Here are a few tips for you if you’re just getting started with online bingo: If you’re a newbie to the online bingo world and don’t understand the process, you don’t want to jump into a high-priced bingo room and empty all of your cash into your account. So first, look for bingo sites that offer free play. Trust me: you won’t have any trouble locating them. If you join a room with a large number of people, or a fast-moving game, you may run into problems keeping up.

You don’t need to be a computer genius to figure this out. Just get familiar with how online bingo works, and get familiar with the software you’re using. You’re probably anxious to get in there and win huge cash prizes, but if you’re coming from the offline world, you may need a few minutes to get acquainted with online casino game play.

Look for bonuses or incentives offered by websites while you’re choosing where you’d like to set up your account. Many bingo websites offer incentives like free tickets or a free cash deposit into your account when you first join. If you must play with money, you may as well use their money first. You can play for free – sandbox play is what it’s commonly called. Take advantage of this free play option to get in a little practice.

Game cards or tickets can be purchased for a wide range of prices. Some tickets start as low as $.01 per ticket. The other part of that is this: when a game has a low per-ticket purchase price; it means the payouts are going to be low too. The same is true for rooms that don’t have many players in a game. The prizes are derived from the pot filled by the players when they paid to join. Fewer players mean less money in the pot. What’s extremely rare is online bingo websites in which the tickets are low-cost, but the payouts are high. So don’t waste too much time trying to find one. You can pocket a lot of money in cash prizes, but if you’re after big payouts, you’re going to have to pay more money to join those rooms.

And here’s what everybody wants to know how to do: increase your odds of winning. This is where you hear all kinds of “Experts” suggest all kinds of theories that will increase your chances of winning.

Tippett’s Theory is one which relies on calculating the median number of however many balls your room is using (75, 80, 90-ball Bingo), and then using that median number to predict at what frequency other numbers will appear. Other experts suggest counting numbers, which involves learning complicated formulas and applying them during game play. Among other things, these counting techniques are supposed to reveal which of your cards have good symmetry and which of them don’t, and all of this is supposed to give you some kind of edge over the people against whom you’re competing.

It’s all nonsense. Sorry if you spent money on a “how-to-win-Bingo” Ebook. The laws of probability do not dictate that any one specific number has any more chance of coming up than another number when playing games of chance. No formulas or counting methods have been proven to increases a player’s chances of winning. Don’t waste your time with these things. The only ways you are going to legitimately increase your chances of winning are:

1. Play with more cards – if your room allows you.
2. Play against fewer players.

You’re not always going to be able to play with more tickets. Many websites impose rules where the players cannot have unequal numbers of cards. You’ll have players who can (and do) buy more cards than everybody else in the room, and increase their chances by doing so. And as already mentioned, smaller rooms mean smaller payouts. So, is risking less money to win a small prize better than risking more money for a shot at the big payoff? Probably . . . but that’s up to you to decide.