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Types of Online Bingo Games

Depending on where you live, if you were familiar at all with Bingo, you’ve probably grown up aware of one Bingo variation common to your region, and you probably thought that the one version you were aware of was the only version that existed. Not true. Here are four commonly used versions of the classic Bingo game. How many of these did you know where out there?

The first is 30-ball Bingo. 30-ball Bingo is a very short variation of the classic Bingo games. A 30-ball Bingo card contains a total on 9 boxes in a 3×3 pattern with one number in each box. These numbers range from 1-30 and do not repeat. This version of Bingo was designed to play and end fast.

Depending on the room you’ve joined, you commonly win this game by completing a three-number line, or by covering the entire ticket with your dabs, or maybe through variations of both. The reasoning behind getting through a game so quickly is that it appeals to players who don’t want to spend the time playing lengthy Bingo games like the 90-ball version. This game is also ideal for players who want to get through more games more quickly. For that reason, 30-ball Bingo is also called “Speed Bingo.”

75-ball Bingo is one of the more well-known styles of play, and it’s more common in North American regions of the globe. The 75-ball Bingo card has 25 boxes on it in a 5×5 pattern, with a box marked “free space” in the center of the card. Although new players probably won’t be able to tell at first glance, the numbers on each ticket are in a pattern. That “free space” box is there as a gift for players to mark at the beginning of each game.

The 75-ball bingo cards have the word “BINGO” written across the top, and each letter in the word represents a column of numbers. These numbers range from 1-75 and do not repeat.

Column B represents randomly printed number from 1-15
Column I represents randomly printed number from 16-30
Column N represents randomly printed number from 31-45
Column G represents randomly printed number from 46-60
Column O represents randomly printed number from 61-75

When numbers are called in this type of Bingo game, they are called in combination with a letter. For example, say the number called is “G-17.” If you have the number 17 in row “G” you may mark it off on your card. If you happen to have 17 in row “O,” or any other row for this example, then you’re out of luck with that number.

Common winning patterns in 75-ball Bingo tend to be in the vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines of five numbers. However, shapes, letters, and even the full-card options are used in these games. Ideally, it’s the variety of patterns that 75-ball Bingo offers which makes it appealing to its fans.