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Baccarat In Different Movies

Films about casino games

It is well-known that different casino games often appear in movies and books. People love to watch or read stories about amazing gambling houses, that are always full of adventures and unique situations. Baccarat is a really special game for casino. It’s a favorite game of Asian high rollers and it’s also considered as a game of noblemen. You can read about real money baccarat on many different gambling sites. We also suggest you to check through some movies where this game takes its important part.

Rush Hours III with Chris Rock and Jackie Chan

baccarat online Jackie Chan is famous with his dangerous tricks in movies. Not so many people know that he’s a fan of baccarat and anyone can meet him in casinos around the world playing this card game. Probably his passion for the gambling was the part of the inspiration in the movie Rush Rock III. That’s a popular comedy movie where Chan plays together with Chris Rock. Both of them are policemen. In the third part of the movie Chris Rock’s character comes to casino and sits down to the baccarat table. He wants to play cards to impress a beautiful lady. But thereis one problem: he does not know how to play baccarat. The card dealer deals cards and Chris Rock gets 3 Kings. He thinks that he has won. But actually he got the worst card combination and loses. The scene took place in France and that’s why they played chemin de Fer version of the game.

Agent 007: Casino Royale

Ian Fleming, the author of the famous character James Bond, was a passionate gambler. He spent a lot of hours in casinos and was inspired by local players for his future spy stories many times. His character has become one of the icons of casino games. Usually James Bond appeared near two games: roulette and baccarat. He played a noblemen card game in Golden Eye, Thunderball, For Your Eyes Only and in film of 1958 Dr. No. In the 1967s version of Casino Royal and also in the original book Agent 007 also played baccarat. He played poker in 2006 version of this novel, because at that time this game was more popular.

A Hard Day’s Night

This is a documentary movie about The Beatle’s life and it was filmed in 1967. A Hard Day’s Night was proclaimed as one of the hundred best films in the world. And the game of baccarat also takes a part in it. John’s grandfather tries to play baccarat in English casinos in this film. His skills are actually not very good. But it wouldn’t be a problem for him. He suddenly won a huge sum of money and surprised everyone in this movie. But in the end John’s grandfather wouldn’t be able to take his money. Casino took them away to pay his casino bar bill.